Subscription Boxes

Small and Fresh

As well as our fresh produce, we stock a wide variety of locally-produced dairy and pantry items, many of which are proudly sourced from other small businesses.

Effortless Ordering

Our self-service ordering platform makes getting your fruit and veg boxes very simple. Whether you fancy a one-off box, or if you’d rather us take care of your deliveries longer term with one of our members boxes, our aim is to make it hassle free no matter which option you choose.

Rewards For Shopping

We offer loyalty points to our customers; meaning each time you shop with us, we add something extra to your savings pot. The more you shop with us, the more savings you can make on the things you love.

Recipe Inspiration

Now, what to do with all this fruit and veg? Fear not as you’ll receive one of our very own menu cards, designed to inspire you to get into the kitchen and create something new!

Mixed Fruit + Veg

Whether you prefer a mix of fruit and veg, just fruit or just veg; all of our boxes are brimming with a vibrant assortment of produce. We’ll always include the staples so you can make your all time faves, alongside some new things for you to try.  If there’s ever something that doesn’t tickle your pickle; feel free to let us know using the customise option at checkout

Just Veg

Our veg only boxes are packed with a variety of delicious produce to incorporate into your weekly meals. These boxes are made up of regular staple items and the very best from the day’s market. 

Fruit Only

Bursting with flavour, our delicious fruit only boxes contain a range of regular, staple items plus an ever-changing selection of berries and exotic fruits.