Fruit & Veg Boxes

Mixed Fruit + Veg

Whether you prefer a mix of fruit and veg, just fruit or just veg; all of our boxes are brimming with a vibrant assortment of produce. We’ll always include the staples so you can make your all time faves, alongside some new things for you to try.  If there’s ever something that doesn’t tickle your pickle; feel free to let us know using the customise option at checkout 

Just Veg

Embrace the wholesome goodness of farm-fresh vegetables with our Veg-Only Boxes, showcasing a bountiful array of locally harvested greens to invigorate your meals with health and taste.

Fruit Only

Indulge in nature’s sweetness with our Fruit-Only Boxes, bursting with a seasonal medley of locally grown fruits that are as fresh as they are flavourful.