Summer Spectacular – Subscription

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A selection of fresh fruit and salad for those warm summer days (if there every is any!)

Please note the contents of this box may vary as we will bring you what is best available on the day

*Please note some items may be substituted due to availability / seasonality
* Images are for illustration purposes

This weeks box

Lettuce Cucumber Tomatoes Spring onions Royal gala apples Granny Smith apples Bananas Strawberries Lemon Lime Fresh corn (in the husk) Red onion coleslaw kit Jacket Spuds Celery Mixed peppers

From: £20.00 every 4 weeks

Earn up to 20 points.

SUBSCRIPTONS: Please note that we plan our week's delivery every Monday. Therefore your subscription will start next Monday and we will deliver to you on the following delivery slot.

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